Background and Vision

LogoThe Clubs seal/logo, left, represents the origin and basic purpose of the Western Lehigh United Soccer Club. The club was founded in 1989 from the soccer groups of the youth associations of Alburtis, Emmaus, Macungie and Upper Milford. The four vertical white bars (or pales) on the logo represent the four original communities.





The original vision of Western Lehigh is to work with the participating youth soccer organizations to organize and develop recreational and travel teams from a broader base of players rather than each community attempting to support independent programs. From the very start, the united concept proved to be a dramatic success. The four vertical bars culminating into a soccer ball represent this unifying concept. The word, United, is in gold to represent the importance we place on a united approach. The overall colors, white, green and gold represent the traditional colors of Western Lehigh United. Because of the success of the united approach, we welcome and encourage the participation of other programs. We believe that the unifying concept strengthens each constituent member while providing a far more comprehensive and stronger overall program and resulting in a rich and rewarding soccer experience for all participants.

Travel teams play as Western Lehigh teams, while the recreational and intramural programs play under the banner of each of the participating communities youth soccer programs. Because of the coordination provided by the Western Lehigh United concept, we are better able to ensure that players are properly assigned to teams appropriate to their skill level and to better ensure that each team contains a proper number of players.

We also strive to improve participants soccer experience and skills by utilizing the services of highly trained and skilled soccer professionals to train both players and coaches. A critical component of our approach is to register our teams in leagues appropriate to their skill level.

Our meetings are conducted on the third Tuesday of the month. You are welcome to join us.

If your child is considering playing for a Western Lehigh United (WLUSC) team, or is already a member of our club, we believe you will be pleased with the WLUSC experience. While we strive for soccer excellance through teamwork, we believe that outstanding teamwork is a product of individual skill and knowledge of the game. Consequently, we stress the following:

  • Emphasis on player development,
  • Excellent coaching,
  • Access to excellent facilities,
  • Exceptional support and
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship and appreciation for “the laws of the game.”