Parents Education

Here you will find the one stop location for all news, resources and education available for parents of a Youth Soccer player.

For your child to have the best possible experience, please read through these resources (as well as the Parents Commitment to Excellence) and put them into practice.

Coaching From the Sidelines

Why does coaching from the sidelines only work in Hollywood? Click Here to check out this presentation by Lehigh University’s Dean Koski, who looks at the problems caused by parents who feel the need to coach while watching their children play soccer. While many think they’re helping, their yelling causes the opposite effect. See some humor cartoons below for an added laugh.

Persuasive Letter on Sportsmanship

​Click here to see a persuasive letter on sportsmanship written by a U15 female player concerned about parent behavior she had witness over her years as a youth soccer player.

Concussion Training

For parents and coaches alike, there is probably no other topic more important than player safety. One of the most recent topics is that of concussions and their effects on the brain. Because a child’s brain is still forming, they will be at a higher risk of suffering another concussion after suffering an initial concussion. There is information available to help parents and coaches become more knowledgeable on the subject. Click Here

Creating an Early Engagement Culture

John O’Sullivan, founder of the Changing the Game Project, looks at early specialization versus engagement. Specialization is adult-centered and focuses on long-term goals, while engagement is child-directed and encourages creativity and freedom to fail. Click Here

The Power of Mindset

Mindset can help one player while hurting the next. The right mindset can make an average player over-achieve, while the wrong mindset can make a talented player inconsistent. This presentation provides some points for both parents and coaches to note in order to help influence a better mindset in their players. Click Here

Pre Event Meals

Helen DeMarco and Nancy Clark offer up some advice and ideas for what youth athletes should be eating before events. In addition to the types of foods to eat, the article also breaks down meals based on what time of day the event takes place. Click Here

What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent

This article by Steve Henson looks at the actions and characteristics of parents that make them “nightmare sports parents,” as well as the things they do to be great parents. Click Here

Parents Pocket Guide to the Rules of the Game

Click Here for a must-have guide for parents new to the sport of soccer.